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From the best pig's hind legs, carefully selected by “Chano”, thanks to his experience and wisdom, our hams go through a curing period of one to three years under special conditions of temperature and drying after having been salted for a short period of time in accordance with their weight.

This slow process is supervised by experts and confers the unique and unmistakable flavor and aroma to our ham.

The serrano “Reserva” ham is an outstanding product made of raw materials with a greater percentage of healthy fat (with a high percentage of omega 3), which enables a longer curing time that is shown by its excellent quality.

Spanish jamon iberico (Acorn Ham): The pigs providing us with this delicacy enjoyed a mixed diet: during the period of the open range they were fed exclusively on acorns (about 10 kilos per day). Subsequently and until the moment in which they became our tasty hams, they were given special feed of very high quality, derived from legumes and cereals.

Our clients can buy our products in different formats:

Spanish Serrano ham, whole piece (jamon serrano)

Vacuum packaged small piece of Spanish Serrano ham (jamon serrano)

Vacuum packaged slices of Spanish Serrano ham (jamon serrano)

Spanish Serrano ham "Reserva" (jamon serrano)

Spanish Iberico ham, whole piece (jamon iberico)

Vacuum packaged small piece of Spanish Iberico ham (jamon iberico)

Vacuum packaged slices of Spanish Iberico ham (jamon iberico)


Nutrition facts:Spanish serrano ham is a product with a high nutritional value, recommended for all types of diets and for all population groups. From a nutritional point of view, the curing process has a positive effect on the proteins and fats of ham which make it a relatively light product, with more proteins and less fats than the fresh product. Its proteins are of high quality as they contain all essential amino acids (110g of Spanish serrano ham correspond to 33% of the daily recommended dietary allowance for protein).

Furthermore, Spanish serrano ham is a product which does not contain any colorants. It is easy to digest and healthy. It contains unsaturated fat and is rich in B-complex vitamins (B1, B3 and B6), phosphorus, iron, potassium and zinc. In fact, according to a study by the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Centre, Spanish Serrano ham is highly recommended to delay the onset of fatigue in athletes due to its high content in vitamins and minerals.

It also provides a reasonable amount of fatty acids, similar to olive oil. Finally, although it is cured in salt, it contains a low amount of this mineral. Eating a couple of slices or three of Spanish Serrano ham is equivalent to ingesting 3 g of salt a week.