Spanish goat ham

Spanish goat ham
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Goat cecina

The tasty goat meat is salted, prepared with natural ingredients and then cured. The length of the curing process depends on the use of the product. Our goat cecina which is aimed for consumption as a deli meat is cured for a period of at least six months, while the goat cecina, which is then cooked, is cured for thirty days as a longer curing process would render it dry when it is then cooked.

Although it is also called “cecina”, this product should not be compared or mistaken with our Cecina de Leon (cured beef ham or Spanish beef jerky). It is a completely different type of cecina due to the characteristics of the meat used to produce it. It is a more “difficult” product due to its peculiar characteristics and its strong taste. But please make no mistake, the regional connoisseur longs for this product…

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