Spanish cured loin

Spanish cured loin
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Spanish pork loin

Our traditional Spanish pork loin is one of the products that need to experience a more complicated production process. It is distinguished by its characteristic preparation with natural ingredients and the perfect curing time traditionally applied by Entrepeñas which has become a distinguishing factor of our company, together with a 100% natural curing process. Subsequently, it is seasoned with a dressing made of paprika, garlic and olive oil. Finally, after having been spiced, it is filled into casings and it is hung in order to undergo a curing process in a cool and dry environment for at least two months.

The pork loin should be eaten raw (as it has been cured), cut into thin slices.

Our traditional Spanish pork loin comes enclosed in a pork gut and can be purchased in one piece (approximately 1kg), a part of the piece or even sliced.