Embutidos Entrepeñas

Welcome to the flavour of traditional Spanish food products

Entrepeñas is a family company devoted to the artisan production of authentic Spanish foods: Spanish beef ham (“Cecina de Leon”), Spanish ham (jamon serrano and jamon iberico), cured pork chorizo sausages, and other Spanish cured pork sausages.

Iberian beef ham


Suprema de cecina - Iberian beef ham 

To obtain this unique product, our superior cecina (“Suprema de cecina”) we use carefully selected pieces of cattles’ legs which are adequately shaped before curing and then pressed ain order to obtain an almost  rectangular shape which is ideal for slicing. Due to it’s extreme quality and it’s slight infiltration of fat this product is considered to be the beefs “hamon iberico”. This type of product does not fall within the GPI cecina de Leon. Thus, we only have a limited number of such pieces available.