Embutidos Entrepeñas

Welcome to the flavour of traditional Spanish food products

Entrepeñas is a family company devoted to the artisan production of authentic Spanish foods: Spanish beef ham (“Cecina de Leon”), Spanish ham (jamon serrano and jamon iberico), cured pork chorizo sausages, and other Spanish cured pork sausages.


In 1948, after finishing his trade studies, Federico Ordóñez Muñiz takes charge of the little grocery store run by his mother, Bernarda Muñiz, in Geras de Gordon.

Together with his wife Jacoba Fernández Pérez, from San Pedro de Luna, a small village close to Geras that was flooded in the early 40’s, they quickly turned the little business in a real predecessor of today's supermarkets, where you could find everything you could imagine.

At the same time Ms. Jacoba was winning more and more followers to her traditional recipes of the delicious pork chorizo sausages, and other traditional Spanish food products she carefully made and served.

The small town thus became a busy little centre, where you could see hundreds of people from all over the region arriving on their horses to fill their large baskets with cold meats, and also, their stomachs.

Due to the success of the meats produced in Geras de Gordon, the yearly slaughter of pigs became bigger every winter to satisfy the numerous requests from people from Asturias and Leon and other visitors who happened to drop by to buy Jacoba’s delicacies she carefully prepared. Also the restaurant had to be enlarged in order to accommodate all the guests coming to taste the delicacies of the area.

Nowadays, the three children of the founding family, the daughters-in-law and grandchildren work together in order to offer their clients the traditional Spanish foods of their mother and grandmother, together with the personal treat they have been used to since their childhood. Thus, in Geras, grandmother Jacoba is still present and, as long as her recipes for her famous pork sausages and other cured meats are been carefully followed, she will continue to lead the way.

The main activity is still being carried out in Geras de Gordón, where the company and the bar-restaurant are located and where you can experience our products at first hand.


The valley

Geras de Gordón is located in an amazingly beautiful environment, within stunning mountains and lush vegetation, in the most occidental part of the province of Leon, a few kilometres from the Asturian region and very close to the provincial capital, Leon.

Bathed by the “Casares” river, at 1200 meters above the sea, Geras de Gordon enjoys a microclimate characterised by long and dry winters with frequent frosts which set up the ideal conditions to perfectly cure sausages and cold meats in the most natural way. For that reason our chorizo and our “Cecina de Leon” have become a well-known delicacy for the Spanish and European consumer.

Within this amazing landscape surrounded by pure nature, we produce traditional Spanish foods with the care and patience required by the natural production process. Our products are then distributed in Spain and abroad in our own stores or by our carefully selected distributors.

Getting to Geras de Gordon

From Leon, take the highway N-630 direction Asturias. After 34 km, in Pola de Gordón, take a left turn just in front of the gas station and drive towards Geras de Gordón.

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