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Cecina de Leon is a traditional Spanish cured beef ham and is the flagship product of the province of Leon.

This outstanding product, often also referred to as Spanish dry aged beef jerky, is made from the legs of cattle and undergoes a production process which is unique in Spain and elsewhere in the world. It is exclusively produced in the province of Leon and, although different types of beef jerky exist in Spain, Cecina de Leon is the only one which has been registered and protected as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Commission due to its unique characteristics.

This traditional Spanish beef ham is the flagship product of the province of Leon. The reduced fat content and its high protein content, together with its gastronomic versatility, convert the beef cecina in a novel and attractive alternative for foodies.


What is Cecina de Leon Entrepeñas?

Cecina de Leon Entrepeñas is not a traditional Spanish beef ham (or beef jerky); it is the best Spanish beef ham. Once you try it you won't accept any other cecina.

Cecina de Leon from Embutidos Entrepeñas is one of our specialities and is, together with our Spanish chorizo, the product for which we are well known, and which serves as the example of the uniqueness of our products.

Cecina de Leon from Embutidos Entrepeñas has been certified for many years as a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and is very well-known and appreciated in Spain and abroad. Each and every meat part used in the production process is certified with the quality mark awarded thanks to the approval of all requirements in the regulation by the regulatory council of "Cecina de Leon", which monitors the compliance with the regulation.

However, Entrepeñas is not satisfied with the checks carried out by the regulatory Council but has developed an internal protocol to ensure that the unique quality of its Spanish beef ham.

Our Cecina de Leon is made from the best hind legs of mature cattle, preferably from the autochthonous races from Castille and Leon and undergoes a unique production process in Spain and internationally.

Entrepeñas’ production process begins with an intense and careful selection of the best beef, chosen from the most outstanding breeders, in accordance with the current rules on food safety and animal health. From the hind legs of the carefully selected cattles four parts are separated in order to obtain, after a long and completely natural curing process of 7 to 22 months, our best Cecina de Leon Entrepeñas.

Our products are unique as, in addition to an artisan production, our meats undergo a natural curing process at 1200m meters above the sea in a spectacular natural surrounding which enjoys a microclimate characterized by long and dry winters with frequent frosts, which constitute the perfect conditions to cure the best Cecina de Leon.

Our Cecina de Leon has a characteristic flavor, and a tender consistency. The quality of the meat, the long and natural curing process at 1200m altitude, the extreme carefulness employed in the production process, the exact timing in the long and natural curing process and a non-aggressive mild smoking with oak of the surrounding area, justify the enormous difference in quality between other cecinas and the pleasure to the senses provided by Cecina de Leon from Embutidos Entrepeñas.

The result of this natural and artisan production process is a Spanish beef jerky, the quality of which is very often compared to the best Spanish Iberian hams.

This is for sure the best beef jerky you have ever tasted: the traditional Spanish beef ham from Entrepeñas.


Cecina de León Reserva:

it undergoes a curing process of more than 12 months (up to 22 months) compared to the 7 months of the “Cecina de Leon”. Its main characteristics are a greater fat infiltration and lower humidity, a more intense color and a denser texture. Cecina Entrepeñas has been certified for many years as an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). Cecina “Reserva” Entrepeñas is differentiated with a band referring to the name “Reserva” and the maxim “mas curación más calidad” (“more curing more quality").

Customers can buy the best beef cecina (Cecina de Leon) in a number of different “formats” (whole piece of Cecina de Leon, portion of Cecina de Leon, sliced Cecina de Leon or spread cecina). Given the quality of this extraordinary product and the strictly artisan production process, the price of our Spanish cured beef ham is extremely competitive.

Nonetheless, we suggest our customers to buy the whole piece of our traditional Cecina de Leon due to its excellent price/quality relationship. We also encourage lovers of Spanish dried beef jerky to try our newest product which is being extremely appreciated by our customers: spread Cecina de Leon.

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These are the different formats of our traditional Spanish beef ham (Cecina de Leon) you can buy:


Whole piece of Cecina de Leon

Clean whole piece of Cecina de Leon

Vacuum packaged small piece of Cecina de Leon

Vacuum packaged slices of Cecina de Leon

Spread beef cecina (produced with 80% of our best Cecina de Leon)