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Best cecina de leon

Please have a look at the reviews of our clients who come to our little bar in the center of Leon and try our deli meats. They buy chorizo de Leon from Entrepeñas and Cecina de Leon from Entrepeñas because they just tasted its quality.

Of course we can insist on the fact that we carefully select the cattle and pork in order to use meat of the highest quality, that we produce our deli meats the way our grandparents did, which combines a very large and completely natural curing process and the rejection of chemical additives, preservatives and colour additives.

Yet, the best way to understand the real difference between "normal" Spanish deli meats and our traditional, naturally cured traditional deli meats is to read what the clients of our small bar located in the centre of Leon, who taste our products day in and day out, have to say about our deli meats.

When somebody defines our bar as the "Temple of Cecina" or indicates that the deli meats he tasted there are "the best he has ever tasted in Spain", there is little more to say about it.

Just try them out as chances are that you have never tasted such amazing Spanish deli meats. Are you sure you want to keep missing out? We ship them all over Europe and have selected distributors in certain countries outside Europe.

Live is too short to eat bad chorizo.


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