Entrepeñas, innovation and tradition


Last May 12th 2016, Leonnoticias.com, digital news site of Leon published this article about Entrepeñas. We would like to share with you such article that describes a tour of our history, pointing out our most important products like the Chorizo or Cecina of Leon, without forgetting their cure process. An approach that comprehends the values of innovation and tradition that identify us.

Entrepeñas, the union of innovation and tradition

The cooked meat factory placed in Geras combine the ancient recipe and the respect for the natural cure process with new products on the current market for the most exquisite palates. 

In the 50s, Federico Ordóñez Muñiz and his wife Jacoba Fernández Pérez decided to increase his mother’s corner shop with a little lodging next to their business. Their aim was to pay more attention to those clients who came from many kilometers away in their carriagesto buy the exclusive products of Entrepeñas.

Later, the business expanded and a restaurant was founded. It was created to satisfy the demands of local people from Leon, Asturias and other curious people coming to Geras with the only intention of tasting every product of Entrepeñas, especially the Chorizo. Every winter, the pig killings rose to be able to provide all the followers of Doña Jacoba’s cold meat. Since then they haven’t stopped growing to achieve the exportation of their products to Europe and other countries in America, as Dominican Republic.

The strength of natural

The whole family, in their third generation, continues to elaborate the products following the recipe of the founder, Doña Jacoba. Under the motto “the strength of natural” they select the best raw material seeking the highest quality and rejecting any kind of additive or preservative elements.

They accomplished two remodelings, in the early 80s and in the mid 90s. They have combined new technologies with tradition in the elaboration process, always respecting the natural cure and preservation methods such as salting, marinade and a soft smoked.

Chorizo and Cecina are the starring products of Entrepeñas, but the family enterprise goes beyond that. One of the grandsons of Doña Jacoba doesn’t stop his research works to create innovate products, always keeping the taste of tradition. Very demanding products are Chorizo, White chorizo and Cecina spreads. These spread products have been elaborated with a big percentage of the best pieces from production and they have become an innovated appetizer of excellent quality.

In this edition of 2016 Alimentaria Exhibition, Entrepeñas has launched an original and pioneering product, Cecina consommé. It is based on one of the treasures of Entrepeñas, the Cecina and under the commercial name “Essence of Cecina”. It combines the innovation of an original and unique product in the market made with traditional methods.

Natural cure process in Geras

Our factory premises are based in Geras de Gordón, a natural environment of extraordinary beauty between great mountains. This habitat makes an ideal place to cure the cold meat of the highest quality. These features, together with the quality of raw material, the soft and natural oak smoke and the mountain air provide our products with an unmistakable taste, very appreciated by the most demanding palates.

The identification sign of Entrepeñas is the respect for tradition. Faith to that, the cure process of their cooked meat is left exposed and in a natural way, as it has been made traditionally in the area. Pieces are controlled constantly to see their needs of air, cold or hot temperature so the products have been launched to the market with the best cure.

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