Cecina de Leon - one of the best Spanish food products

cecina leon

Cecina de Leon is one of the best Spanish food products and it is for sure the world’s best cured beef. It might not yet be as well known as iberico ham and it is true that similarly to iberico ham there are several low or medium quality Cecina de Leon in the market, we can affirm without any fear to be contradicted that the Cecina de León IGP of Entrepeñas is the most outstanding cured beef ham which neither breasola nor the viande de grison can match. As for the selected pieces of meat which are carefully and patiently cured and become Cecina de Leon “reserve”, they have nothing to envy to an outstanding Iberian ham.

Cecina de Leon is a traditional Spanish beef ham and is produced exclusively in the province of León, in Spain, and is registered and protected in the territory of the European Union as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) due to its special characteristics.

The production process starts with the careful selection of the best hind legs of mature cattle, preferably from the indigenous breeds from Castille and Leon and undergoes a unique production process in Spain and internationally.

The artisan production process of Cecina de León, consists of six phases and has a minimum duration of 7 months for Cecina de León and 12 months for the Cecina de León “reserve”. The six stages of necessary to obtain this unique product are:

  • Shaping
  • Salting
  • Washing
  • Resting
  • Smoking
  • Curing

The process which has to be followed to obtain Cecina de León is in principle relatively simple. However, there are certain secret ingredients which make it difficult to obtain a Cecina de León of the highest quality. These are:

- The careful selection of raw material of excellent quality;

- A good hand when salting, smoking and curing. Not too much, not too little, basically just the right amount of salt, smoke and time is necessary which exclusively depends on the meat. Too much or too little of any of these things will ruin the curing process;

- Patience, patience and patience;

- Favourable climatic conditions that permit the natural curing of meats.

We have all of that in Geras Gordon where our sausage factory is located at 1200m above the sea level, surrounded by a breath-taking natural environment which was declared reserve of the biosphere by UNESCO in 2005. Our little valley benefits from a microclimate with frequent frosts and long dry winters which create the ideal conditions for a long and natural curing process of meats. The optimal weather conditions combined with the expert hand of Luciano in the selection of the raw material, and in salting, smoking and curing quality meats, converts the latter in the delicacy for which we are well known .

It has to be emphasized that the process of curing cecina is the most delicate process of all as perfect conditions of temperature and humidity must be maintained in order to obtain a product of the highest quality. Thus, is it possible to produce Spanish beef ham of the highest quality only in places in which the climatic conditions allow it.

Once all these phases are finished, the minimum weight of each piece must be:

Tapa (centre leg): 4 Kg.

Contra (round): 5 Kg.

Babilla (stifle): 3,5 Kg.

Cadera (sirloin): 3 Kg

The bigger the piece the better the quality and the longer the curing process. That is why we tend to carefully choose the best hind legs and patiently cure them for as long as the meat deserves.

Cecina de León obtained after the long production process explained above is a product rich in protein and low in fat, does not contain lactose, gluten or artificial preservatives. Therefore, it combines a superb taste and excellent nutritional properties.

The high protein and low fat content together with its culinary versatility make our Cecina de Leon a product that cannot miss in your refrigerator. Furthermore, the excellent price/quality relationship of Entrepeñas’ Cecina de Leon make it a very popular choice as it’s price is much lower than the price of a premium Iberian ham.


Nutritional value of Cecina de León PGI:

The Institute of Agricultural Technology Castilla y León made a study from different samples of Spanish beef jerky a study was made the result of which is detailed below:


Fat ..................... 8.9%

Protein ................... 44.7%

H.C.Totales 0.38 % Glucose


Nutritional information for 10 gr. of Cecina de Leon are:

Calories: 327 Kcal .

Protein: 67.90 gr.

Fat: 19.70 gr.



This is what they say about our Cecina de León

1. An important Spanish blogger says this:

“Some time ago I was telling my friend Gloria that I had prepared a recipe with Cecina de Leon and she looked puzzled, as if my palate was too “gourmet”, but the fact is that for every family in Leon it is common to have this product on a daily basis in their kitchen as the price quality relationship is excellent.

If you do not know it I encourage you to try it, I always use all the products of Entrepeñas as they are the best in Leon. If you followed me on facebook in summer you could see that I visited them on several occasions during my stay.”

The complete post is available here: http://www.entrandoenlacocina.com/2013/09/pizza-cecina.html

2. Below is an extract of a trendy blog:

 “The meat of the best beef of Leon, the mountain air and smoke from oak: Did you really think that the taste of such a spectacular beef jerky could be obtained otherwise?”

The complete post is available here: http://almarbros.com/cecina-de-leon-un-manjar-por-descubrir

3. In a digital newspaper the cook of the only Michelin starred restaurant in Leon recommends visitors to come to our shop in Leon as here

“you can find the best deli meats in Leon”.


4. An important online magazine drafted a culinary pilgrimage through the city of Leon in which it invites the pilgrim to pass by our shop in Leon as it defines it one of the two “unavoidable” shops in Leon:

"Entrepeñas. Deli meat producer for over 60 years, located in Gordon Geras, northeast of Leon province at 1,200 meters of altitude, which resultin in optimum conditions for the curing of their chorizo, cured beef or goat ham, white chorizo, hams or other deli meats."


There are many more but we do not want to bore you… Just try our Cecina de Leon and then tell us. We are convinced that you will be delighted. The care we put in the production of our products is easily noticeable.


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