The factory where the production process takes place is located in Geras de Gordón.

The 3500 m2 of our production site are divided as follows: the reception camera, the quarter room, the salt room, the smoking room, cold chambers and storage rooms in which we store different cured pork sausages and deli meats.

Due to its altitude (1200 meters above the sea) and its long frost period, the climate of Geras has proven to be perfect to cure our well known Spanish cold meats in the most natural way.

These features, together with the soft and natural oak smoke and the mountain air give our products their characteristic and unmistakeable flavour and aroma, which are so appreciated in our province and elsewhere.

Production process

According to our philosophy the quality of the final product is what matters most. Following the motto “the strength of nature” we combine today's technology, our ancestors’ traditions and the experience we acquired with time in order to keep the traditional character of our products that the ever more attentive consumer is looking for. This way we pursue the satisfaction of our most exigent clients.

Our products are elaborated with top quality raw materials and ingredients which we carefully select. We reject the use of chemical additives and replace them with the ancestral and natural methods of preservation such as salt, marinade, soft smoke, natural air drying and/or the use of selected spices.

Our recipes are the same as the ones used by our ancestors. Therefore, our customers are able to experience the flavour of the recipes used by grandmother Jacoba to produce her outstanding traditional Spanish foods.

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