Embutidos Entrepeñas

Welcome to the flavour of traditional Spanish food products

Entrepeñas is a family company devoted to the artisan production of authentic Spanish foods: Spanish beef ham (“Cecina de Leon”), Spanish ham (jamon serrano and jamon iberico), cured pork chorizo sausages, and other Spanish cured pork sausages.

Cecina spread

Cecina spread


Spread beef cecina

Our spread beef cecina is pproduced with of a large proportion of our best cured beef cecina de Leon (over 80% versus 60% of other products available in the market) which makes it the best of its kind and an innovative appetizer or snack with a very different flavor that will definitely surprise you! Our spread beef cecina is an amazing product: it is convenient and easy to use. Eat it directly with croutons, spread it on freshly toasted bread slices or use it as an ingredient when preparing amazing recipes or "tapas". 

You can buy our spread beef cecina in our online shop or in our shops in Leon or Asturias. The price of our spread cecina is incredible given the fact that it is produced with our best cured Cecina de Leon.